First glance-Royal raps and regal rhymes.

This is a poem about Henry V who is perhaps most famous for defeating the French at the battle of Agincourt in 1415. It goes to the tune of the Robin hood theme song. This is one of the poems that will be published in the summer in my new poetry book about all of the English Kings and Queens from the time of Alfred the Great right up to today. Humourous, educational and fun, the book is very nearly ready to print. Keep in touch by liking my page and please share with your friends.

Henry V

Henry Five

Henry five, Henry five,
argued with his dad.
Henry five, Henry five,
made him really mad.
Beat Owen Glyndower,
took daddy’s power.
Henry five, Henry five, Henry five.

Henry five at Agincourt,
the English beat the French.
Henry five at Agincourt,
they had to dig a trench.
For all the knights,
Killed in the fight.
Agincourt, Agincourt, Agincourt.


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